6 Advantages For You
Starting a Franchise Business

hi I’m John and welcome to franchise coach today our topic for discussion or what are the what are the advantages of being a franchise operator in a good franchise network 

well first of all and this might be the most obvious if you invest in a good franchise you’re investing in a proven business model

 one that is worked in different areas over and over and over again I’d never underestimate the power of this because when you enter in you benefit from the experience and the challenges that every franchise operator in that system has already faced and you no longer have to figure out because they’ve already done it for you it’s really important speed to market you could probably figure out pretty much any business that you want it to get into question is how long is it going to take you how long is it going to take you to source out the equipment you need find the location create your marketing strategy in your plan and do all the things you need to do to open your doors for business when you invest in a franchise you get all that it’s it’s pretty much business off the shelf so they’re going to give you the plan that they knows no works to get you up and running as quickly as possible all right point 3 brings us to a little bit of a discussion about money why are we in business while we want to make a profit we want to make money no reputable franchise is going to promise you that they’re going to that you’re going to make money they can’t they don’t know you however in general in business in North America franchise businesses get to profitability quicker and allows you to not only make some money for yourself but to pay off your initial investment and whatever debt you’ve incurred to get into that business very important franchise gets to profitability quicker support and training is always important and a good franchise or in a good franchise operation has a department dedicated to not only training you to get up and running and making sure that you’re prepared to open your doors for business but also it doesn’t stop there it’s ongoing support that takes place throughout the tenure of your business you may have been in this thing for years and decide it’s time to expand and you need some help doing that your support department is there to make sure that you’re going to be successful a little bit about what I call economies of scale okay let’s say it’s time for you to invest in equipment invest in marketing materials invest in all that kind of stuff if you were by yourself out there in the in the big bad world trying to purchase those kind of things you would pay a lot of money for that kind of stuff when you’re part of a large and successful franchise organization you’ve got the power of the network behind you and that allows you to go out and invest in very high quality equipment very high quality marketing products anything that you’re investing in for your business you are part of a large group and you’re going to benefit from that which brings me to the last and sometimes the item that gets forgotten and that is at some point in time you are going to exit the system you’re going to either sell or pass your business on and this is a very important benefit of being part of a good solid franchise brand and network and that is your business is going to be worth more money as a solid successful part of a franchise organization than it would be if you were an independent that is a general rule in business and and you can pretty much count on that happening when it comes time to exit so visit us at vat franchise route calm and go get it