Will Bin There Dump That Finance My Business?

Bin There Dump That does not finance the business, but we have arranged for excellent sources of financing for you to work with.

Financing should be one of the first things you consider when getting serious about a franchise opportunity. Please schedule a time to speak with a Bin There Dump That representative to learn more.

Does Bin There Dump That offer training?

Yes! Bin There Dump That offers one week of hands-on and classroom-style learning at our headquarters. We cover everything:

  • Operations
  • General management
  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Truck & bin operations

Our support team starts working with you on your pre-opening task list even before you arrive at training and we continue to help throughout opening and thereafter. Ongoing support is provided during and after the ramp up phases of your business.

An annual convention and ongoing training events will keep you in touch with the Bin There Dump That team. You have access to every member of the support team when you need us and how you need us. We understand that our ability to support you has a direct bearing on your success and our success.

How do territories work?

Territories are created based on a combination of population, single family homes and median family income per home in an area. 

Depending on your investment and growth goals, we can offer the Single Territory or City Builder 3-Pack options. 

To learn more about territories, visit our Franchise Fees page.

Franchise fees vs. royalties. What’s the difference?

Franchise fees are one-time fees that provides you access to a territory or territories made up of protected zip codes, the Bin There Dump That brand and support team.

Royalties are monthly payments and are based on the number of trucks and years in business.

What is my monthly royalty?

Royalties are the ongoing payments a Franchise Operator pays to the Franchisor for the ongoing use of the brand, the business model, and access to the support systems. They are standard practice in franchising and help to support corporate growth and development, which in turn will help strengthen the brand.

Royalties are based on the number of Production Vehicles in the business. This flat-rate royalty is a unique approach in franchising and is one which truly emphasizes mutual success, as the franchisor will only earn increased royalty when the Franchise Operator adds vehicles in the business.

Royalties are discounted in the first 2 years of business operations, giving the Franchise Operator time to build their customer base and establish market presence.

Year 1 Royalty – $6,000* per year, per truck ($500/month)

Year 2 Royalty – $9,000* per year, per truck ($750/month)

Year 3+ Royalty – $12,000* per year, per truck ($1,000/month)

*adjusted in subsequent years using the cost of living index

How much money can I expect to make?

This is the question that is on everyone’s minds as they start investigating a new franchise and the answer isn’t as simply as saying, “you can expect to earn $______.”

The reality is that every Franchise Operator brings different motivation, skills, knowledge, connections and experience to the operation of their business, and so revenue expectations are not static.

What the Bin There Dump That competitive advantage?

There’s a lot that goes into making Bin There Dump That who we are. We have thoroughly investigated the market and have developed a system that takes the simple concept of renting a dumpster and makes it into a customer experience that is second-to-none; truly unheard of in the dumpster industry!

We see a lot of dumpster rental companies trying to imitate our aesthetic and design, our general concept, and even our brand name. Don’t worry, we’ve copyrighted our brand, logo and tagline so no one else can use them.

The reality is: no one does dumpster rentals like we do!

As our network of local Franchise Operators continue to grow across North America, our brand awareness and market share will continue to develop and shine. 

Are there any benefits offered to veterans?

We are extremely thankful for the courage and service of all military men and women. Several of our operators are veterans and they have applied their leadership, discipline and dedication to our business model.

Veterans receive the benefit of their first truck royalty free in their first year of business.

Have more questions? Schedule a call with one of our Franchise Development Specialists today.