An Inspiring Entrepreneur &
Burgeoning Franchise System

I love success stories in franchising and small business, and Chandi McMillan’s story is remarkable.

Starting a new career is a challenge for anyone but switching from a successful corporate gig to starting a franchise in another state is a next-level challenge.

For Chandi McMillan, it was the best choice she ever made, and I couldn’t think of a better representative of what being a Bin There Dump That Franchisee is all about. She’s the engine of her rocketing business. 

Leaving the Corporate World Behind

Having worked closely developing Chandi’s digital marketing strategy for her Mobile, AL franchise, I know it was the right decision to leave her corporate life behind; she exuded an entrepreneurial spirit

She was a successful CFO in the motorsport industry, but she felt tied down by the rules and the need for dozens of different signatures to approve every significant decision. It also meant lots of travel, and as a single mom, that was hard on her kids and their relationship. She knew it was time for something different.

How Chandi’s Bin There Dump That Journey Began

When Chandi left her role as CFO, a friend from the company, James Spink, left to start a Bin There Dump That franchise in Indianapolis, where she lived.

When she needed to rent a dumpster for her own home, she turned to him, and she was impressed by the exceptional customer service, custom Residential Friendly process and of course, the colourful green bins!

In his own right, James was thriving in his new endeavour, and Chandi saw this as an opportunity in a new home.

Indiana’s Loss is Alabama’s Gain

She decided to step away from her corporate lifestyle and, in doing so, relocated her family to Mobile, Alabama. This relocation would provide her with the change of scenery and the pace she sought after.

When she wanted to rent a dumpster for some work at her new home, she couldn’t find a company focused on her residential needs. As it happens, Mobile didn’t have anything that compared to the Residential Friendly service she’d come to expect from her friend’s Indianapolis dumpster rental franchise.

Making the Franchise Leap and Family Growth

The next step seemed evident to Chandi — it was time to join the Bin There Dump That team. She opened her franchise in the fall of 2018. With her trademark positive attitude, she started her Bin There Dump That franchise with one truck and 24 bins.

For the first couple of months, she drove the truck, made the deliveries, picked up the bins, tarped them herself and made every trip to the landfill. As my colleague Greg Yon would say, she was the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker.

However, Chandi had greater aspirations for her business and knew she would need more infrastructure and personnel.

Chandi learned the business on the go, and before long, she became the Huntsville, AL franchise owner for Bin There Dump That. She’s living proof that you can start over whenever you feel the timing is right, and her belief that people do business with people they like has been an overwhelming success.

Success through Hard Work

She consistently puts in the hard work, and I couldn’t be more proud to have her on the Bin There Dump That team. It’s a pleasure working with franchise operators like Chandi, who know that with hard work, anything is possible. She’s escaped the corporate world, and she’s now in complete control of the direction her work and family life is heading.

Franchise Freedom and a Better Family Life

With franchise freedom, Chandi no longer has to choose between her work life and home life. She’s home every night for dinner with the family, and she’s there for all of the important events in her children’s lives. All while running a successful Bin There Dump That franchise.

Paraphrasing Chandi’s own words, this is the first time in her life she hasn’t felt like her career is stopping her from being there for her kids when they need her. Those family meals are now an excellent opportunity to bond and bring the family closer together than ever before.

Every Employee is Part of The Family

Another primary reason for Chandi’s success is that she’s entirely on board with the Bin There Dump That philosophy that all employees are part of the family. She’s developed great friendships with each of them because she believes that when you treat your employees well and you reward them for a job well done, it makes all the difference in the world. Sometimes a little acknowledgement can go a long way.

Staying Competitive and building Customer Relationships

Chandi believed that the same positive approach she uses with her family and employees was the right one with her customers. She treats every one of them fairly and consistently.

Everybody gets the same great Bin There Dump That service. Her franchise may not be the cheapest in the area, but it is the best for residential customers with custom bins and custom pick-up trucks designed to fit where commercial operators can’t go.

She told me about a great example of a customer she was trying to win over in our discussions. At first, they weren’t convinced because they felt the price was a little high. Chandi didn’t push the issue and told them that we’d be there if they ever needed Bin There Dump.

A couple of months later, when he was in a pinch, Chandi was able to provide him with the excellent service she’d promised, and they’ve never looked back. They now have a tremendous ongoing business relationship.

Her Future is in Her Hands With Bin There Dump That

Chandi now has full control of her future because of her dedication and persistence. Her Bin There Dump That franchise has given her the freedom to choose her path. If she decides to sell the franchise down the road and head into a comfortable retirement, she can.

She also has the option to expand into new franchise territories with Bin There Dump That. Thanks to her successful Mobile and Huntsville Bin There Dump That franchises, the corporate world no longer has a hold on her future. With franchise operators like Chandi, it’s no wonder we’re 190th ranked franchise in North America.