4 Easy Ways Franchisees
Can Take Advantage of Their Franchise Network

The power of a franchise network or the power of being part of a great franchise network without a doubt will lead to 

there’s nothing quite like being part of a group that’s all working towards the same common goals and helping each other get there and one of the wonderful benefits of being part of a good franchise group is you immediately have teammates that are probably already successful and if they aren’t they’re all shooting for the same success that you are and working together so let’s first talk about something that most larger franchises have even medium-size but I would suggest that every franchise organization should have some form of this even if you’re just getting started and that’s an annual conference and here I’ve been there dump that we call this the business development conference because it’s business specifically exists for the purpose of getting together to educate ourselves together as a group to develop our businesses so that we can make more money because frankly that’s what we’re here for and that is to make more money so we get together once a year as a group gets bigger you may want to have some smaller regional type meetings like this one so a year two at a different time but it’s a wonderful time for franchise operators to get together to not only learn from the agenda that’s put together by the franchisor but also to get together with your fellow franchise operators and learn from them because you know that’s where the rubber hits the road it’s it’s the other franchise operators in the system that are going to teach you the most so we always when we put together our agendas set up specific times during the course of the conference where we have roundtable discussions we have presentations where successful franchise operators have the floor with the ability to teach the others best practices that kind of thing and it works quite well for us but you know to be honest I used to be a franchise operator or franchisee and another sister and it really never changes any of these conferences I’ve been to the real discussion happens at the bar and there’s nothing wrong with understanding that that you know when franchise operators get together they’re having fun but they’re also sharing wonderful best practices and information and if that happens during the course of the agenda that’s great and if that happens in the bar afterwards that’s great too so it’s it’s all about building relationships with others that have the same common goal as you do which brings me to the casual discussion groups I found that with every franchise I’ve ever been involved with franchise operators gravitate to one another and they’ll talk on the telephone a regular basis in fact when I was a franchise operator I had a little circle of friends within the group that I used to talk to weekly or every couple weeks or whatever and there’s nothing wrong with that you should get together with the people that you know and that you get along with and that you can relate to oftentimes it might be the same group you trained with and opened around the same time or it might not but it’s really important to know that you’re not out there on an island all by yourself and you can pick up the telephone or shoot an email off to your other franchise teammates anytime and if everyone’s open-minded about helping each other that’s a wonderful way to improve your business Europe in the been-there-done-that we instituted something called the Daily News which which is an internal social network for our franchise operators and employees of those companies and it’s it’s a simple online system that allows people to share good news on a daily basis throughout our network and you know we do limit it to good news it’s not a place for people to go and debate things or complain about things or anything like that there’s plenty of opportunity to do that the idea of the Daily News at our and our company is to go there post the good stuff that happened whether it be personal whether it be business related most of time it is business-related but we also open it up to our employees of the companies so that our dumpster consultants who work on the inside sales part or our dumpster delivery experts who are out driving the trucks can also share the good stuff because you know they are vital to the success of our businesses so we open it up to them too and whatever just a wonderful place for us to share the good stuff that happens in our company and you know you may look at it as a public relations tool to keep the positive attitude going and and to some extent it is that but so what it’s nothing wrong with that it’s good to share good stuff right so so we do that and if you can institute something like that in your company there’s only a benefit to that I mean the last thing I’m going to notice is or that I’m going to point out here is a program that we have called the peer performance group programs and I’m not going to get into detail because I have another video on that one which you should check out but we have a program here where we put like-minded and similar franchise operators together in official groups called peer performance groups and they help each other improve their businesses and so that’s it sort of goes back to these discussion groups idea but this is a very formal way to do it we measure key performance indicators and this is all about helping individual units become more profitable make more money but anyways to circle back and and wrap it up here if you’re in a good franchise operation a good franchisor and a good franchise company the power of the network that you are part of is just immeasurable take advantage of it you’re paying a royalty you pay the franchise fee to get in you’re out there working leverage those fees that you have paid by taking advantage of what they pay for okay those things pay for the use of a great brand but they also pay for the use of the accumulated knowledge of all the people within that network take advantage of the power of the franchise network it’ll make you money I’m John the franchise coach okay