What To Expect

Unlike starting a business from scratch, franchising allows you to invest in a business concept and territory, enabling you to build and grow your own business. You’ll go through several steps to determine if this business is right for you. Read through the tabs on what to expect during this process.

This introductory call will introduce you to the Bin There Dump That brand and the business model. We will get to know you and help you start imagining your Bin There Dump That story. This call helps determine if you’re interested, ready and qualified to move forward with a Franchise.

Schedule a call with our Franchise Development Specialist, Leticia Wilson, to discuss franchise opportunities.

We will provide you with a 60 – 70 minute presentation that goes over the history of Bin There Dump That and the characteristics of our simple and friendly business model.  

Here you’ll learn the benefits of joining a franchise model that is proven to be successful rather than starting an independent business. 

You will complete a Request for Consideration (RFC) and we will conduct a comprehensive, and detailed Bin There Dump That Marketing Discussion. 

The validation process begins whereby you will call existing franchisees to evaluate their level of satisfaction and success.  Getting feedback directly from our operators demonstrates the success of the Bin There Dump That business model. Have your questions ready and speak to as many operators as you feel comfortable with. Take your validation calls seriously and make sure to put in effort.

We will begin to outline your exclusive territory, demographics and zip codes.

A Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is also provided for your review. The FDD is an important document that provides you legal information about Bin There Dump.

Once you’ve gone through the steps, you confirm with our team if this opportunity is one that you would like to pursue.

It’s time for you to take the following steps towards opening your Bin There Dump That business!

Franchise vs. Independent Business

Find out which is right for you. Download our free infographic to see franchise and independent business go head to head.